Bright Stalk Wind Farm Construction Updates

Please note dates are planned and may change. Changes will be reflected in the next day update.

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THIS WEEK: April 21 - 27

The following items are scheduled for this week.

  • Continuing work on lay down yard at 26371 N 3160 East Road.  Anticipate completion end of week or early next week.  Deliveries to laydown yard will be ongoing throughout the project.  Gravel trucks delivering to the laydown yard will be traveling north and south along 3160 North until all work has completed on E 2600 North Road.
  • Road work will begin on 3160 North – north of the laydown yard working towards US 24.   Multiple road closures will take place.  Road will be closed to through traffic but open to local and EMS traffic.
  • Continuing work at the batch plant.  Work will include grading and deliveries of gravel.  Anticipate completion late in the week or early next week.  Batch plant equipment is expected to be delivered this week.
  • Ongoing work, including grading at the switch yard (28922 East 2900 North Road) and substation at 28795 East 2900 North Road.
  • Continuing work on East 2600 North Road between CTH 13 and North 3160 East Road.  We will be replacing culverts on E 2600 North Road.  During this time traffic will be closed to all traffic due to open trenching to replace the culverts.  Road will be reopened each day upon completion of work.  Road will be open to local and emergency traffic during non culvert replacement work.
  • Continuing work on access roads to turbines T-101,75,93,55,91,54,53,90,76,94,92,162,46,47,48,61 and 60.
  • By end of week, anticipate all chip seal removal to be completed.   After this is completed, culverts will be replaced followed by gravel over lay.

2-Day Look ahead

  • Work at the laydown yard, batch plant, switch yard and substation.
  • Road work on 3160 north from laydown yard to US 24.   Road will be closed to through traffic but open to local and EMS traffic.
  • Will be hauling gravel to the laydown yard.   Trucks will be traveling north and south on highway 13 today(04.24).   Tomorrow (04.25)  trucks will be travel south on highway 13 and north on 3160 E.
  • Various equipment will be delivered to laydown yard.
  • Culvert replacement on 3300 between 2300 and 2600.
  • Work on turbine entrances at T-101, 75,93,55,91,54,53 and 90.

Next Week: April 28 - May 4

  • Complete all surface work at the laydown yard and batch plant.
  • Begin work on North 3160 East Road from E 2600 North Road to USH 24.  Road will be open to local and emergency traffic.
  • Begin work on access roads to turbines T-152,33,32,31,96,74,27,28,97,24,25,26,73,69 and 21.

Activity Map

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